Muse and I, Sittin’ In A Tree

Muse and I have been on a tear the past two weeks. First, she delivered on Moi Neuroses and I have a solid rough draft, and she’s been pushing forward on Wishing Well: Homecoming, a kind-of wrap-up where Wish assembles all the thoughts she had during her trip out to llerkin and comes to some […]

Writing without interruption

I was struggling this past weekend to write. It shouldn’t be hard for me to write; after all, I’ve been doing it all my life. Writing at home is hard; I’m reminded of Neal Stephenson’s comment in an interview about his being a “ruthlessly bad correspondent,” because if he answered emails he’d never get any […]

Muse has strange ideas sometimes

Muse has been quiet the past week. I had jury duty recently and I think the whole jury thing took a lot out of both of us… even though it was actually a shorter working day, it was so different and emotionally wracking that I didn’t feel like writing all week. But she came to […]

You don’t frighten me, Muse.

Hey, Elf,” Muse said. “Yah?” “How would the military treat Bastet? Does the knowledge that, so far, medicine has failed to find a way to extend their lifespans beyond 45 while everyone else is living to 70 affect the way people treat them? What’s their relationship in the US with the gay community? How about […]

I’m gonna send her a memo, I really am…

“Muse, no.” “But I’ve got it. Really, I do! See, Gabriel’s supposed to be the next Adam, a kind of posthuman Adam. It would work, wouldn’t it? Remember Lucifer’s promise at the end of Repentance? It would work. See, Gabriel’s supposed to progenitate– is that a word? It is now!– ” “Muse, please!” I’m wailing […]

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