I never have perfect ideas, but I often write good stories!

Imposter syndrome is one of those things that haunts me as a writer (and probably a lot of other writers as well). Recently, there have been a few articles that have made my imposter syndrome ever sharper, and Jo Eberhardt, who I usually admire, wrote a piece on writing that made my anxiety flare ever […]

Getting back on the horse…

Having been laid off has been something of a curious mix for me.  My day so far has evolved into something like this: Get up around 6:30.  Get the kids out the door by 8.  From 8:30 am to 10:00 am I do the serious job searching: I answer emails, look up job listing, contact […]

Dear Muse….

Dear Muse: Yes, I understand that the change we made to chapter 2 of A Pleasing Shape complety changes the tenor of the story and that heavy lifting is required. On the other hand, that is no reason to make the current ending so boring. Even if it’s not the ending we’re going to use, […]

So, Muse walks onto the trading floor and has an analogy…

I had this idea: A traditional Dyson sphere, what most of us singularity-as-a-setting writers now call matrioshka spheres (poor Dyson, to be remembered for the bad SFnal version), where lots and lots of little solar-powered polises live in huge cloud-like orbits around the sun. Gazillions of human analogues live in these things and 99.99% of […]

Not a great week, but not a bad week

I finally decided to get off my ass and start writing again.  I’m not happy when I’m not writing, but often I lack the kind of input that I need to push me toward writing.  Television and movies doesn’t do it: only reading really inspires me to write a lot.  Fortunately, I had two perfect […]

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