Watching the Brain Eater Rage Within His Gilded Cage

"You’re far too self-aware to fall victim to the Brain Eater." That’s what my therapist told me the other day when I was angsting about watching yet another of my favorite artists fall victim to their own id and swerve deep into unpleasant territory. And what with the Louis CK discourse of the day, this […]

I oughta be a Sad Puppy…

I ought to be a Sad Puppy. No, I’m not a supporter of snot-nosed Vox Day’s ridiculous and stupid campaign to overwrite the will of Hugo voters. I’m not going to say that he and his ilk deserve anything othen than public opprobrium in the face of their self-serving and malign campaign to deprive the […]

“Relationships are hard. Let’s go shopping.”

In my long-running erotic space opera, The Journal Entries, there’s been an almost as long-running thread around sexbots. With few exceptions, the sexbot stories have always been about second-hand robots; ones whose previous owners for one reason or another have died or abandoned the robot, leaving her (it’s almost always a “her” robot) to figure […]

The simple truth: I’m swamped

I got an email today asking me if and when I was going to fix the Yowlers series so it was at least readable. ¬†The answer is “Yes, I will, but…” Ever since the great layoffs of 2008, I’ve been in one of two states: either fully employed with a wife and two teenage daughters […]

Can Alain de Botton even read?

Can Alain de Botton even read? I ask because this de Botton has out-parodied himself again by announcing that he was launching a porn website¬†free of “stupidity, brutishness, earnestness and exploitation.” The real problem with current pornography is that it’s so far removed from all the other concerns which a reasonably sensible, moral, kind and […]

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