Bloody Beth

Chapter 6: A Secret Among Ladies

Lofn ushered Beth in with a smile and a quick tug of the wrist. "You must be more cautious, Beth. The price on your head is higher than ever. It might even be tempting to a few of the women in my employ. With the kind of money you are worth they could buy their way off Jamaica, possibly to the Colonies, possibly even back to the Continent. You don't want to tempt too many people with that kind of offer."

Beth nodded. Why was it that, on her ship, she felt completely in command of herself and her men, yet here, in this soft world of women, she was so completely out of her depth that Lofn and Amalynn could push her around like some street urchin? She looked into the crystal clear eyes of her hostess and stammered, "Amalynn... Amalynn's not one of them, is she?"

"No, Amalynn is not," Lofn replied with a knowing grin. "Certainly not. To the best of my knowing her dreams go in the other direction; she would rather become you than become a Duchess of anything."

Beth giggled. If only Lofn knew the truth! Maybe someday she would have the heart to tell Lofn the whole story, but only after her current adventures were far behind her. She had had a long talk with Joseph recently and realized that if she were to return to her old life among the British nobility she might have a hard time finding a husband. She was far older than the marrying age of most of the girls in Court right now. She didn't care if she never married, but she had a concern for appearances, and she wished earnestly that she might restore the Harcourt family fortune and name. That meant that she might need to find a husband.

But as Amalynn walked into the room, all thoughts of a husband, of men in general, were wiped away. She had had a few romps with Patrick in the month since she had reunited with her brother, but each and every time her thoughts had drifted to this smoky-eyed creature who waited at Lofn's, biding her time, servicing both men and women who came to her with the proper coins. It was Beth's turn.

Amalynn, too, showed all the signs of delight at the sight of Beth. She lit up with a smile that cooled the day and warmed Beth someplace quite below her heart. She quickly crossed the room and curtsied in front of Beth with exquisite precision. "Oh, my favorite customer," she said with a flourish that made Beth blush. She stood and whispered, "You said you would come back, but I did not expect you to make me wait so long!"

"I have had... tasks to accomplish, Amalynn." She looked at the other woman's face and enjoyed the sheer delight she found within. "But I always intended to make it back to this fine establishment and your lovely features." Was she really saying such things? The last time she had been here, she had barely been able to spit out the words to describe what she wanted. Now she was all direct talk and honest action. Well, that was the way she preferred things. What small shame she felt at being an "invert" did little to sway her away from wanting to sample more of Amalynn's body-- and her skills.

And Amalynn, wearing little more than a yellow cotton dress that clung to her form with the summer sweat, looked like the sweet fruit Amalynn imagined she tasted of between her thighs. Beth realized that her imagination was ahead of her, and that she had to do something before she swooned without actually touching this beauty. "Can we go... somewhere private?" Then she smiled. "And I think I shall need another bath."

"Of course," Lofn said. "Amalynn, take her. I will have Elva draw a bath for the two of you. It'll be ready in a moment."

Amalynn, giggling like a schoolgirl, pulled Beth by both hands into her private boudoir again. "It is so good to have you back!" she said as she threw her arms around the piratess. "Tell me about your adventures! Have they been exciting?"

Beth grinned as Amalynn began undoing her costume. She had changed her dress for the trip into Kingston and had decided to look more the rich merchant's wife than the Piratess. "They have been more boring than exciting since last we met, Amalynn. There is much to a pirate's life that is dull and dreary. Mending sails, tending to timbers, laying low from Captain Allison and his ship."

"Captain Allison!" Amalynn said with a knowing smile. "So you got my message?"

"Indeed I did, and I was most able to act upon it. Thank you, Amalynn."

The girl smiled even as she tossed aside the rest of Beth's clothing. Beth watched, admiring, as Amalynn pulled her dress over her head and exposed herself to Beth's consuming eyes. Her dark, lithe body, with its tiny breasts and equally nubbin'd nipples, her flat belly and her smooth thighs, all highlighted by the droplets of sweat that the summer condensed upon her flesh, conspired to make Beth's own body convulse with need even before she had placed her hands, much less her mouth, upon the girl.

But Amalynn had other plans. "Come," she said. She led Beth down the same hallway they had traveled the time before, and this time Beth went willingly to the baths.

The water prepared for them was as delicious as before and Beth sank into the buried tub with a sigh. This time, though, she was more awake, and as Amalynn joined her she reached for the other girl and pulled her close. "I have dreamed of you often since our last encounter," she whispered into Amalynn's ear. She kissed the girl's cheek; Amalynn stiffened slightly as she trailed her lips across the girl's face and reached her lips, her tongue teasing open Amalynn's mouth, touching the dark girl's tongue. Amalynn sighed softly into Beth's mouth.

Beth wanted to keep her passion quiet for now. She pulled Amalynn away from her and said, "I am glad we have met again."

Amalynn took three deep breaths before she replied, "As am I! Oh, Beth, you truly have come into your own as a lover of women! Have you had anyone since we parted? Tell me, please?"

Beth shook her head. "No one, Amalynn. It is just that you bring out something beastly within me. Maybe it is as the doctors say, that once a woman has been aroused in her passions, they burn like a star within her until she is consumed by their fires. I know that my desire for the love of a woman burns within me."

Amalynn smiled. "I am just a daughter of joy, I know that, Beth," she said. "But I am glad that you have come back to me, specifically, for your adventures into..." She groped for the correct word.


Amalynn nodded, blushing. It made Beth want to gather her into her arms. "You were not happy when I used that word last time."

"You remember wrong. I was merely upset the first time you used it. By the time you were done with me, I had recognized it for the truth that it was, Amalynn." She could feel the other girl's legs touching hers, sending little waves of pleasure that made her sex throb with desire. She forced that desire down. Not now, not yet. Not until they were both wild with it.

"Let me wash you, Amalynn." She reached for the bottle of oils and a rag, pouring the one onto the other. Then she approached the dark girl of her attentions with lust in mind.

She started at Amalynn's fine neck, caressing the smooth and unmarked skin there. Her shoulders were finely crafted and had a peculiar strength to them. Nothing at all like Patrick's, or even her own, so accustomed to pulling lines and turning the wheel on a heavy vessel, but still there was strength to them. She pressed the cloth into Amalynn's chest, glancing up now and then to watch the other woman stare into her eyes. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, suggesting pleasures to come.

Beth encouraged the girl to sit up on the tiles at the edge of the tub so she could wash the rest of her. Amalynn complied, and Beth set to the task of washing her legs, running her fingers over those soft, smooth calves and thighs, and paying close attention to Amalynn's bare feet. They were small and perfect feet, and Amalynn closed her eyes and made happy sighs as Beth cared for them. "You are as good as any woman who works here, Beth. If you ever want to switch places..."

"You would probably not survive what I do," she said as her fingers, dripping with the soapy oils Elva had brought, sought between Amalynn's nether lips, cleaning and oiling them. She paused for a moment, then decided she had better clean all of Amalynn. "Turn around. Let me see your backside."

The girl complied readily, presenting a small and shapely, if not ample, pair of buttocks to Beth's hungry eyes. Her sex winked between her thighs and Beth was grateful that Amalynn could not see her licking her lips quite so greedily. Beth cleaned each cheek, and between, as well as she could.

"Now, you do me." She handed the cloth to Amalynn, who returned the favor. It was Beth's turn to savor the close attention, to roll shamelessly in the service of another woman and feel her hands caressing her body. Amalynn took her time washing Beth's breasts, feeling each one in her hands. "Did you ever wish yours were larger?" Beth asked.

"Sometimes. I know it would attract more men here. A sailor told me of a village in Spain, my home country as my mother told Lofn, where, large bosoms were thought to be unattractive. Some girls whose mothers were large wore heavy plates of steel or lead on their chests to keep them from growing." She smiled. "I don't know if it really worked."

"Mmm," Beth replied. Amalynn had left her breasts and her belly and was stroking her legs. She did each in turn, granting special attention to the feet. Beth swooned. It was not the kind of act that inspired wanton lust, but it felt wonderful all the same.

Then wanton lust returned as Amalynn dipped her fingers into Beth's sex. The slick oils made easing between her lips easy, and Beth's heart fluttered with desire as two delicate fingers slipped the length of her sex, from opening to mons. "Now, you turn over," Amalynn said.

Beth did as she was asked. She found herself looking at the wall of the bathing room as a pair of hands caressed her buttocks gently, and then probed between them with a few delicate strokes. Warm water was poured over her then, which made her curious. "Do not move, Beth. Not too much."

Beth wondered what was to happen next. She felt, with a shock, Amalynn's mouth upon one of her nether cheeks, kissing gently. Amalynn's tongue traced a stream from one cheek to the other, crossing over the small divide of her spine, back and forth, one cheek and then the other. Was she truly going where she seemed to be? Beth trembled with... what? Fear? Was she afraid that Amalynn would sodomize her with her tongue? Or was it desire she felt? Desire for such a forbidden thing; even as she felt it she knew it to be true. She did not know if she would have the courage to reciprocate.

Amalynn's tongue did finally touch her most private opening, the one she thought she would never give up to any man, and Beth felt as if her body would explode. Such intensity, such pleasure as she could not imagine shot through her. It was insane, she thought, that a place so forbiddingly dirty should hold such delights. But Amalynn had proved to her they were there and they were meant to be shared. Beth heard her own grunts, her own moans of pleasure as Amalynn's tongue stabbed her dark hole. She was barely able to contain her screams as Amalynn's fingers entered her sex and touched her pearl. She collapsed onto the cool tiles. "No more. No more, Amalynn. Give me rest."

"I did not hurt you, did I?"

Beth raised her head and turned to look at the Moorish girl, a hungry smile forcing itself onto her lips. Her hair was in front of her eyes as she stared at Amalynn the way a cat stares at a wounded mouse the second before it pounces. "No, Amalynn. You did not hurt me."

She hurled herself at the other girl, crushing her against the wall of the tub, her mouth pressed hard against Amalynn's, her breasts flattened against the other girl's chest. Their sexes met and matched, and Beth rhythmically pumped her thigh up between Amalynn's legs until the other girl was moaning in response. She let the girl's passion build high and then let her go. Amalynn collapsed into the tub, gasping. She looked up at Beth with a face of ravenous need. "We should go to bed," she whispered.

"Aye," Beth said. "We should."

Amalynn recovered two towels. They dried as quickly as they could and then, with the ardor of the day upon them, they ran for Amalynn's bedroom. Amalynn threw herself onto the sheets and Beth quickly joined her, their bodies intertwining, Beth's tanned legs brushing up against Amalynn's coffee-colored thighs. Beth kissed Amalynn, and the young girl returned the kiss with fire. Beth had long found that kisses alone aroused her, but kisses from Amalynn made Patrick's pale, and although she was loathe to make that comparison, her heart did it for her. There was something about the kiss of a woman that shamed the scruffy, rough kiss of the Irishman.

They rolled over on Amalynn's soft sheets, and the dark skinned girl found herself on top. She kissed Beth's throat, her mouth leaving a wet trail as she explored Beth's creamy skin. Beth whimpered, her body on fire, as Amalynn closed her lips on Beth's nipple, her tongue flickering over it with cruel intention. Beth arched her back, trying to get even more of the nipple into Amalynn's mouth. She wanted more.

Amalynn's fingers made a path to her pudenda even as her lips crossed from one breast to the other. Beth gasped as she was invaded, her sex opened by those talented fingers, those warm, wonderful, demanding fingers that entered her and pressed up into her flesh and made her entire body seize with lust. Amalynn played her as readily as Beth could play a sail, and Beth was the best on the seas. Amalynn's hand caressed her mound, her fingers teased her insides, her mouth warmed her breasts, and it was all Beth could do to not shout as another climax rolled through her.

But even as she took breath to recover, she rose to throw Amalynn down onto the bed, straddling the girl. "Only some creature out of night would know how to do the things you do," she gasped.

"I am a creature out of night," Amalynn said, and she said it with a seriousness that made Beth pause. Beth understood the phrase "Woman of the night" well enough, but there was something in Amalynn's voice that suggested she meant something else. But then the girl giggled and said, "And I am your prisoner, my Captain. What would you have of me?"

"Your pleasure," Beth said, touching the girl's chest. It was her turn to taste Amalynn's skin, to take in the coppery flavor of her sweat and the smooth texture of her skin. She kissed Amalynn's breasts, small though they were, and teased her nipples with her tongue. She left her own trail of spit down the length of Amalynn's torso, licking incessantly, teasing the girl's navel, as she made her way to Amalynn's pudenda. She kissed the furred mound above her vulva, then paused to inhale deeply the scent of Amalynn's sex. If she were to be honest with herself for a moment, it had a scent of blood to it, but this was love, not battle. She kissed Amalynn's cunt with her lips, a dry kiss at first, but then her tongue reached out and teased the lips apart.

"Beth," Amalynn gasped. "I have recently ended my moon. Perhaps there will still be menses there."

Beth looked up the length of the girl's belly and smiled. "Perhaps there is." Then she kissed Amalynn again between her spread legs. Amalynn rested her head back on the sheets and moaned, and if Beth were any judge she thought that Amalynn had become more aroused than before, as if the thought of her tasting her blood... Beth supposed that some might find that arousing. She just wanted to arouse Amalynn mercilessly.

Beth pressed her lips to Amalynn's vulva, opening the girl and exposing her pearl. It was tiny and solid and Beth licked around it, teasing Amalynn.

Amalynn reacted as Beth desired, moaning, her hands twisting the sheets into knots. Beth slid one finger into Amalynn and pressed, experimenting, with the walls of the girl's sex, probing for soft places that would make her gasp. She found a hard ring of flesh deep inside and Amalynn squealed "Don't!" as she touched it. Beth backed away and found a ridge right under the bone she had her lips pressed over. She guessed she may have found the insides of Amalynn's pearl, because the girl suddenly convulsed with a pleasure, a long, low moan of "Yes..." escaping her lips as she climaxed. Beth did not let up. She wanted to make Amalynn scream.

"Oh, please, Beth..." Amalynn gasped. Beth's own sex became wet again and Beth imagined her body as a wild animal separate from her soul, one with its own salivating hungers. She plunged two fingers into Amalynn, driving the writhing girl wild with her hands and her tongue, her other hand gripping the girl's thighs to keep her in place even as she tore another climax from Amalynn's gasping, groaning mouth.

Beth relented. It was not Amalynn's nature to scream from a climax and she had had enough. She rose, letting her eyes feast on the heaving chest of the girl, then dropping down to see the open flower of Amalynn's womanhood. She smiled. The sight before her eyes was lovely, exactly what she wanted, her lover drained. She lay down beside Amalynn and cuddled her.

Amalynn stretched her body in appreciation of Beth's gifts and moaned, softly, with satisfaction. "Oh, Beth, you are wonderful!" she cooed. "Wonderful beyond words."

Beth raised her head to look at the Moorish girl beside her. "As are you." She kissed Amalynn on the lips, each woman's tongue taking little feints at the other, the taste of both mingling between them.

They lay together in the noonday heat, recovering r passions, whispering gentle words. "Amalynn," Beth finally got the courage to ask, "How many women have you been asked to invite into the secrets of inversion?"

"Not that many," the girl admitted. "Although I have been asked to visit an acquaintance of yours this evening. One who must ask quite... quietly."

Beth was taken aback. She knew few people on the Island personally. A few of the rum merchants she had dealt with know her only through her men or hired proxies; she was reluctant to reveal herself to many people because of the high price on her head, a price that was virtually one the taker could name himself. "Who?"

"The Duchess of Coke, Jessica Speer Coke." Amalynn giggled.

Beth looked at Amalynn, shocked to her core. "You jest!"

"I do not," Amalynn said defiantly. "Her husband is coming here tonight, and through a courier she had a message delivered here with the same request you brought to me three months ago." Her eyes looked down. "I am not sure I want to go, however."

"Why not?" Beth asked.

"I can make much more money servicing two men in one night than one lady." Amalynn turned over onto her back, stroking her belly absently. "Besides, she is a lady, not a piratess like you. There is no romance in her life."

"Then let me go in your place," Beth said, suddenly having an inspiration. The duke's place may have been guarded against invasion from the outside, but what about from the inside? They were probably on their guard from a whore, assuming her to be no more trustworthy than a thief, but they were not ready for the Piratess, Bloody Beth.


"I'll give you double what you would have earned from her. If she discovers the ruse and gives it away, you could always say that I intercepted the letter, or I waylaid you. And you can stay here tonight and entertain the guests." Beth implored Amalynn with her eyes.

Amalynn thought it over. "Do you really want to go in there? I mean, is that not something like the lion's den for you?"

"I really want to go in there," Beth asserted. "Tonight, you said?"

Amalynn nodded. Her face had taken on a dark and worried look. "Oh, Beth, it is such a courageous thing you are doing!"

Beth smiled. "It is something I must do, my fine Spanish love, before I can leave the sea."

Amalynn looked puzzled. "Leave the sea?"

"I want to leave the piratical life. Somewhere, between Marbry and Coke, lies the key to doing so." She kissed the girl's cheek momentarily. "Someday, I will have to tell you of it." She rose. "Now, give me the details of this meeting."