Back in the groove, for a moment...

I wrote 4,000 words in two days. This is as close to a miracle as I get since my writing mojo has been sorta lacking the past few weeks. It's a silly story, the "Miss Abbas, you can't go walking about Highfrost without underwear!" story, and now Anaria and Orin have had their moment. The story desperately needs a re-write, as Orin is too passive and not enough of a jerk in his own right, and the story just isn't funny enough; slapstick in writing is freaking hard. I'd like this trend to continue, naturally, but I probably won't write today as my schedule is full, but tomorrow I've got two writing slots open, so that's do-able.

Also, last night I have the nastiest, dirtiest, most repulsive "How can I fuck with the character's mind" moments I've had in years. It makes the situation on Discovery ever more dire, it puts the Linia character into a tailspin of self-analysis and reproof, and it does a better job of getting Chelle and Nooj into the relationship I want. All the better.

Earlier: The Theory of Fun: A valuable resource for science fiction writers.

Later: Iain Banks, Matter (the beginning)