Ack! New stories!

I have been so neglectful recently. There are three stories in the pipeline right now, part of the Meigi arc, which contains one of my favorite lines of all time (and you won't get to see that line until next week). It started out as a riff on The Black Hole (anyone remember that movie?) and kinda evolved from there. Unfortunately, episode four isn't finished, so you'll be lurching to some other storyline as soon as Appliance Dreams rolls off the assembly line.

The series was supposed to emerge as horror as the crew on this vast, huge ship, each person easily separable from another, comes to understand that the AI on board might not be entirely sane-- or singular.

But the first two episodes are straightforward fun, even if they do provide some set-up: Water out of Fish is about our almost all-'taur crew finding the biggest damned starship Earth ever lost stranded in space, and Molecules in a Vacuum, as the skeleton crew assigned to awaken this monstrous ship and fly it to where it can easily be studied starts to figure out that living on such a huge beast must have been hard on its crew.

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