I’m a web developer and science fiction writer living in the Greater Seattle area with my wife Omaha, two daughters, and a sleepy, aging cat. I've been writing science fiction, fantasy and erotica since 1989, and all of it has appeared on the web in one form or another. The Journal Entries is the oldest work currently available, and my favorite, although I'm most notorious for The Only Fair Game and my Thundercats parody, the latter of which has earned me attention from Cruel Site and Something Awful.

In my real life, I design industrial websites for a living.

In the Journal Entries, the main setting for most of the stories is a world named Pendor.  A wright is someone who makes something useful or beautiful, usually a craftsman although the word has been associated with artists, for example playwright.  Since the main character of the Journal Entries was for many years the planet's principal terraformer, I chose his job title for the name of the blog.  It's obscure enough I wonder if it hurts my SEO, but it's mine and I'll live with it.

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