2800 words today.

I'm at Rainforest Writer's Retreat this weekend.  RWR is my annual attempt to get my shit together and collate my stories into the shape they're going to be in, to pick the themes and stories i'm going to be hacking on for the next twelve months.  Internet access here is very bad, and I'm mostly going to be write-only until Sunday.  If you want to get in touch me, either you have my phone number or... you don't need to get in touch with me.

I did 2800 words today.  I feel good about that, since the drive took much longer than I anticipated and I didn't get here until 3pm, and didn't get to writing until 4pm.  With a missing hour for dinner and the occasional interruption of my peers as we spend the evening writing, I'm feeling pretty good about getting even that far.   The beer helps.

I don't feel as if I've made much progress though.  I mean, sure, I've got the basis of the conspiracy that will eventually suck Aimee in and make her life trouble, but in the meantime I'm not sure what the plot is.  A series of attacks on the Princess is one thing; an overarching theme with rising battles, rising risks and costs, is another.  I don't have that yet.

But I'm also not sure  if this is what I want to be doing with my writing right now.  I'll give it some time today, and then decide in the morning what to do next.

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