New Story! “Sterlings: Press Release.”

Posted on | June 30, 2017

Inspired by this tweet:

I decided it was time to let go of one of my hoarded stories and publish Journal Entry 241 / 06119 Sterlings: Press Release, a lovely little story that I wrote, goodness, back in 2008, I think. I wanted to “fit in” a couple of side stories into the Sterlings saga but never got around to polishing them.

It’s a gentle story, a little bit of worldbuilding with a human woman / futanari pairing, the return of a very old character (Chaz first made an appearance in 1991, and didn’t appear much after that), and some character development for Rhiane Rho, the stalwart translator character who’s been part of the Sterlings arc since the beginning. I really liked this story, mostly because I enjoy the mental eye candy of characters like Hagan and settings like Alpine. I hope you do too.



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