The agony of metadata…

Posted on | September 1, 2009

Okay, I’ll confess: the reason I have three Yowler stories that aren’t released is simple: setting up the home page is proving to be a pain in the neck.

You see, I had this brilliant f’ing idea: the home page would look like a Wikipedia page.   It would provide a long, detailed explanation of the Yowler universe: myths and legends, recent history, modern attitudes, and so forth and so on.  It would provide context for anyone who cared to read that much into it.  Down the right hand side of the page, where “extra details” are frequently put, I would keep the list of stories, along with a second list at the bottom, so readers could actually find the stories I posted.

But actually putting all the backstory I have in my head and in various scattered notes onto paper isn’t coming together as much as I’d like.  It’s taking a long time.  A page on a specific race or ethnicity is really long (as my template I’m using the Indigenous Australians page) and getting it all to make sense, to not sound stupid, to provide a working world and universe that looks like our own, is actually a lot of work.  I admire the Urban Fantasists who pull it off well.  It  might be a few weeks before I get this all together.


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  1. draconispax
    September 1st, 2009 @ 6:02 pm

    what IS the yowlerverse?
    I’ve never heard of it, is it related to the rest of ythe pendor universe?

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