I have been remiss… New Stories!

Posted on | October 13, 2008

I have been remiss in keeping those of you who don’t use the new stories feed up-to-date on the latest and greatest offerings from the Pendorwright website.

Appliance Dreams is a short story about a few Pendorians living in and busily restoring a derelict starship. They’ve awakened the AI, but they have no idea where her core is stored, until someone figures it out, leading to one of my favorite lines yet: “You mean, I’m sleeping with the ship’s screensaver?” (Line redacted to avoid spoilers; you can highlight the redacted text to see what’s written there.)

On Ida’s Shores is one of those silly foundational stories I wrote when I was trying to get an idea off the ground. Unfortunately, the idea turned out to be thin indeed, although it does have some establishment shots in it that led to the Sterlings series, so it’s not all bad.

We’ll Always Have… is a bit of a sad romance. I wanted to make more of Oenone’s character; I haven’t done enough with her and she has some compelling background material, but she wasn’t coming together as a character, so I wanted to give her a few episodes and see if I could do her justice. This episode does her some justice.


2 Responses to “I have been remiss… New Stories!”

  1. Falbert
    October 20th, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

    Read ‘Appliance Dreams’ some weeks back, and was quite pleased. It sets up some serious questions for the future, and has some great lines in it, as you note.

    On Ida’s Shores was thin, as you note, but does follow up on the ‘Earth as museum’ idea that is in some of the other previously published pieces, more than it leads into Sterlings, I think.

    We’ll Always Have… I saw the title posted as ‘Coming Soon’ and was intrigued, of course, because of the references that the name brings up. From the start of reading it, I hadn’t noticed the date, and thought that it was going to center around Ken and Oenone… perhaps in the early days of Pendor, before even the first decanting. I was surprised to find out who Oenone was really dreaming about. A nice little work, it does depend a lot on having read other pieces about her, so I can’t say that it really stands on its own. The emotion, though, comes through as genuine. This feels as if it should have been the first half of a longer work.

  2. Elf Sternberg
    October 20th, 2008 @ 8:07 pm

    Well, “We’ll Always Have…” was supposed to be the first half of a longer work, it just didn’t pan out that way. It really helps if you know your Greek mythology; Paris, you know, the guy who kidnapped Helen and did the whole Trojan war thing, had a wife at the time, a dedicated lover named Oenone who was quarter-goddess herself. That’s why “On Ida’s Shores” preceeds it.

    The funny thing is, there are stories in the hopper, still unfinished, where the consequences of all this sadness play out pretty badly. The JE’s are not always sweetness and light. And bittersweet is beginning to be my flavor of the week, these years…

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