New Story, “Fortune Cookie.”

This is a fairly standard Furry fantasy, with some antagonistic-to-furry language at the beginning.  If you think you recognize yourself in the story, you’re probably wrong.  It was a lot of fun to write, and I’d like to thank an unnamed lovely young woman for giving me so many amazing ideas.   M/F, bondage.  Please enjoy […]

New Yowler story up, Ohio Stray

As those of you hungry for more stories have noticed, Ohio Stray went up this morning, on schedule (yay, Django!).  This was one of the very first Yowler stories, and it’s surely one of the better.  The notes I collected had a gigaton of extra things– details on 4H in Ohio in 1904, how the […]

Obviously, I can’t read a calendar

Today is Thursday, October 1st, which means the posting engine posted the first Yowler story today.  For some reason, I was fixated on the idea that Friday was October 1st.  Ah, well, it’s really nice to see that the story engine worked as advertised (although there was a bug in the display handler for the […]

I have been remiss… New Stories!

I have been remiss in keeping those of you who don’t use the new stories feed up-to-date on the latest and greatest offerings from the Pendorwright website. Appliance Dreams is a short story about a few Pendorians living in and busily restoring a derelict starship. They’ve awakened the AI, but they have no idea where […]

Ack! New stories!

I have been so neglectful recently. There are three stories in the pipeline right now, part of the Meigi arc, which contains one of my favorite lines of all time (and you won’t get to see that line until next week). It started out as a riff on The Black Hole (anyone remember that movie?) […]

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