Milo & Ann

“Are you ready for this?” Ann asked. Milo licked his lips. For some reason his mouth was suddenly drier than the morning after a bourbon-and-benzedrine bender, an experience with which he was intimately familiar. More intimately familiar, well, actually, than actual intimacy. He managed to curl his lip into a contemptuous sneer. “Bring it on.” […]

The Off Switch

“What is that?” Sorroh said, pointing to an object on the professors’ shoulder. It looked like a switch. It was slightly buried, as if to prevent an accidental toggling, but it was otherwise exposed. Anyone with a finger could have toggled it. “Don’t touch that!” he said, flinching. “That’s my off switch.” “Your what?” “My […]

New Story: Journal Entry 129 / 1694, “Gabriel”

Ladies and Gentlemen, a new Journal Entry, all for you! This story is M/M, man/dragon, and falls into the not-quite-a-story, more-of-an-anecdote category. Meaning there’s no plot, just some set-up to have some hard-core porn. But it also falls into the vaguely-resembles-a-real-life-incident category. Gabriel. This is a beta release.  I checked it for typos and have spell-checked it once, but […]

New Story, Boy from Brazil

Continuing the ongoing ten-episode Yowlerverse series, the latest title,  Boy from Brazil, is now up and ready to go. The story is coded M/M, slow. It was doing well as a character study, but it has a weak ending such that I wish I could have come up with something better.  Still, it’s a pretty […]

New Bastet story: Backlots

Backlots, the latest Yowler story, is out.  It’s a bit of a coming-of-age story, one of those small-scale shocks that those of us of the male persuasion sometimes have to deal with when we’re young and just figuring out where all the parts go.  It’s fairly intense, although it’s sexual content is low.  (At least, […]

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