Misreading Iain M. Banks

Fewer things persistently irritate me quite so much as watching someone dabble in science fiction without really understanding the genre. Normally, my annoyance is reserved for the ones whose basic understanding of SF is from comic books and movies watched as a child, someone who doesn’t get any actual pleasure from reading SF, or whose […]

Reading Elsanna

So, falling under the heading of no surprise whatsoever, I’ve been reading a metric ton of Frozen fanfic, more specifically Elsanna. While I do love fanfic, Sturgeon’s Law applies, plus I have my own pecadillos, starting with the simple fact that, given who and what the characters are, I’m not going to read anything IU […]

Why I love fanfic writers…

I love fanfic writers. Fanfic writers break the rules. Fanfic writers let their characters say “I don’t know.” A lot. Fanfic writers let the plot take forever to get to the point, there’s none of this wham “get the story moving in the first 100 words” bullshit. Characters have no relationship at all to their […]

Comedy, Power, Rape Culture, and Lincoln F. Sternn…

There was an outbreak on Twitter this morning of quotes around the classic, classic film, Heavy Metal, which is one of my all-time favorite movies.  But the outbreak had me thinking about an important issue, which is writing comedy. Almost all comedy emerges from a disputation of power.  In the classic man vs. man or man vs. […]

Devon Monk’s “Dead Iron: The Age of Steam, Book 1″

Dead Iron by Devon Monk My rating: 3 of 5 stars Devon Monk’s Dead Iron: The Age of Steam is a mash-up urban fantasy-meets-steampunk-meets western. Set in a 19th century Oregon small town facing change as the rail comes closer, Dead Iron is a satisfactorily well-written but by-the-numbers example of how steampunk ought to be written. In Monk’s formulation, the veil between […]

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