Annoyed at myself for being annoyed at myself for being annoyed at myself…

The other day, I was reading one of my own Journal Entries, trying to remind myself of why I wrote them and get back into the groove of writing them again.  Now that I’m doing freelance work, though, I don’t have as much time to write as I used to.  I have to produce value, [...]

This years Literary Bad Sex awards are out!

And while I agree that Philip Roth’s The Humbling deserves first place, I have to hold a special place in my heart for Ten Storey Love Song: Meanwhile, down in Vaginaland, Mr Condom’s beginning to feel a bit iffy. He’s overheating. For some reason, the shagging seems to be twice as fast this evening, and [...]

Truer words were never written

I’ve been reading Keith Johnstone’s brilliant little book, Impro: Improvisation and the Theater, which as you can probably guess is about acting.  But it’s about much more: it’s about creativity, and teaching, and anthropology, and psychoanalysis, and writing dialogue, all in about 150 pages. Somewhere in the middle of the book he drops this gem: [...]

Review: Iain Banks Matter

After two long weeks of reading in fits and starts, I have finally finished Iain M. Banks’ latest SF novel, The Culture Novel Matter. And although it was unquestionably an excellent space opera novel with all the glorious wordplay, unbelievably vast and imaginative settings, and inevitable tightening of the plot screws that are the hallmarks [...]

Iain Banks, Matter (the beginning)

I’ve been reading Iain Banks’s Matter, and I have to say that while I’m only on chapter 4, Banks’s new book is edging dangerously close to being a book easy to put down and never pick up again. Chapter 4 features one of the longest infodumps I have yet to read in a Banks novel, [...]

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